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We at CINEMERSIA are pioneering, immersive storytellers, creating innovative, live-action, virtual reality feature films.


Founder / Writer / Director / VR Consultant and Producer

David is an award-winning cinematic VR pioneer and consultant; bestselling author of historical fiction novels; experienced screenwriter; theater and film director; and teacher/leader for storytelling across the VR, traditional film, and novel writing mediums. His upcoming book, Virtual Cinema – Directing, Acting, and Aesthetics in the Virtual World, will be published in early 2017. In 2014, David shifted his primary creative attention from traditional theater and film to VR, leading him to create his Los Angeles-based VR creation company, CINEMERSIA. In 2015, working with Samsung and with the consultation of John Carmack (CTO, Oculus), he wrote, produced, and directed MansLaughter – An Experiment in Theatrical VR (available on Samsung GearVR by searching “manslaughter”). MansLaughter, a live-action VR movie with a total run time of 53 minutes, became the world's first live-action VR feature film under the AMPAS and BAFTA definitions. To create MansLaughter, Cinemersia and Samsung invented quadraphonic sound control within the VR environment. Subsequently, David designed and taught Cinematic VR studies at the Walter Isaacson School for New Media.

He is an ongoing consultant to Final Draft in their creation of what he has termed a "sphereplay", a screenplay for spherical storytelling. In that work, he has developed a first-ever lexicon for blocking and stage direction (sphere directions) within that 360˚ sphere.  See Final Draft VR Sphereplay Template.

In addition, he speaks regularly on VR story, directing and acting; and consults across the VR medium for studios, producers, and writer/directors. As an attorney/CPA, he also consults investors such as InvestVR regarding their VR industry financings. His current Cinematic VR projects in development/pre-prod are Blue Highway, a hybrid live theater and VR experience; TENGRI, a two-hour, live-action VR feature film set in 1850 among an Arapaho tribe; and INNERDRONE, a ground-breaking, technology-pushing TV/VR hybrid series.

David Marlett is a regular speaker at VR-related conferences, and consults with a number of VR tech and production companies regarding live-action VR content. He recently teamed with VRLA to teach a first-ever workshop on Cinematic VR Writing/Directing/Acting.


David is also a best-selling novelist, with his historical novel Fortunate Son reaching #2 in all of Amazon’s historical fiction, and #3 in all of their literature and fiction in 2014. Further, he is a prolific photo-artist, with his work having been exhibited in galleries across the country.

For much more, including his screenwriting, see: dmarlett.com