Master Sgt. Marina Peters was just doing her job.  As a U.S. Army Special Forces Drone Ranger, she came to work each day in fatigues, ready to do battle, ready to assault an ISIS target, ready to save the day, ready to kill if necessary, whenever and wherever she was required to Tampa, Florida.  Then she would drive home each night, half-baked, to her children and her crumbling marriage.

But when she was on base, in that contact room, Marina was a force to be reckoned with...thousands of miles away.  There, inside her assigned DX, her battle drone self, she was invincible. Or so she thought. So we all thought. Until that Tuesday at 13:16 in the morning on that goddamned, windswept mountain in Syria.

In this gripping, first-in-the-world, hybrid framed/VR series, experience humanity and machine in a combination of traditional filmmaking and virtual reality cinema.


Show Bible

This "show bible" is laid out on the following pages. We recommend you visit them all to gain a full understanding of this unique and powerful project. All questions and follow-ups may be directed to David Marlett at

Once inside, you'll never be the same.

  • Live-Action.  Immersive.  Hybrid Mediums.  Original.
  • In Pre-Production
  • Anticipated Release:  Early 2017
  • © Cinemersia, LLC - WGA Nos. 1779308 and 1783395

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