Narrative Backstory

A few notes on the backstory that sets these characters into action, that drives their motivations.  For more detail on the characters and plot line, see the Characters and the Seasons/Episodes pages.

Setting the Stage for Season One

In the near future, the U.S. Military's DARPA battle drone program (DXBD) has gone operational. The first group of drone (DX) operators, or DXOs, all special forces men with extensive combat experience, operated at the DX Control Center (DXCC) in Tampa, Florida, while their DXs are often on the other side of the world. Though men are initially preferred operators, they prove to be (generally) insufficiently empathetic, and thus trigger happy. Thus the DX Program is converting to combat trained women now, as they are generally more empathetic and slower to kill.

The primary POV for INNERDRONE is through the new DXO, Mariana (32), who has advanced combat training but was never allowed on the front line. She and her husband, Alex, married young and had their first child, then alternated deployments. During any deployment overlap for Mariana and Alex, his parents in Falls Creek, VA took care of Charlotte. When Mariana returned last, she had their son, Liam (2), named after Alex's brother who was killed in Fallujah. But then Alex came home from the war too, only this time seriously injured.

The DXO Cory, DXO Raphael, and Alex all fought together in Afghanistan.  All were at a major battle where many of their unit died.  A woman in their unit was reportedly at fault for revealing a position leading to them being ambushed. She was killed in that battle and posthumously awarded the Silver Star for bravery. This honor upset many of the soldiers, thinking she was awarded it politically because she was a woman, and without full consideration to the facts. That event fuels Cory's and Raphael's irritation at the women coming into the DXCC to replace the men. But, as they like Alex, Mariana's husband, they don't express their irritation directly at Mariana, but more to Trina, Se-Woo, and Ella.

A Few of the Relationships in Conflict (Season One)

Mariana and Alex

Besides normal marital tensions, they are both fighters and only feel 'safe' when they are in operations. Now that Alex has returned home injured, physically and mentally, he is staying at home to take care of their children while Mariana goes and 'fights' alongside Alex's combat buddies, Cory and Raphael.  When, late in the first season, Mariana and Cory start an affair, there is an obvious eruption coming.

Mariana and Trina

These women are very different in their personalities, featured by Trina's evangelical approach to most things. When Trina learns of Mariana's affair with Cory, she is judgmental and sets out to expose it if Mariana won't stop.

Trina and Cory

Cory rebuffed Trina in Afghanistan, and she reported him for sexual touching.  Though it was dropped due to no evidence, she still maintains it was true, and he hates her for it.  This is fueled by the replacement of women for men on the DX program, and by Cory and Mariana's affair.