First Three Seasons

TFM =   Traditionally Framed Media         VRM = Virtual Reality Media         Click for all other Acronyms & Abbreviations.

Season One (S1)

"Man for Man, Drone for Drone"

S1:  Episode 1

TFM: Intro of characters. Mariana wakes early and interacts with Alex and their kids. Charlotte (6), mildly autistic, and Liam (2).  She leaves and drives six miles to the DXCC, where she interacts with others there and enters her Battle Drone (DX2) in Syria. We get hint of the discord about women being DXOs - she and Trina are the first two.

VRM: Watching from within Mariana's Battle Drone DX2, we observe close quarters combat as Mariana (in the DX2) takes part in a rescue mission to save Syrian families trapped on a mountain top by ISIS.

S1:  Episode 2

TFM:  Some of Mariana and Alex's backstory. They take Charlotte to pediatric therapist. Mariana is still in denial about the autism. At the DXCC, Cory and Raphael attempt to convince Wayne of the error of the women DXOs, but Laura intercedes. While at doctor's office, Mariana is summoned back to the DXCC for a DX Op.

VRM:  Following up from the mountain rescue, three of the five DXs (Mariana (DX2) Cory (DX3), and Sam (DX5) help with humanitarian relief, including lifting a truck to rescue a trapped boy. We learn that when the DXO speaks English, their DX translates to the language of the person being spoken to, in this case Farsi. In reverse, it translates what is being said around it into English. In his DX5, Sam talks, unlike his silence in the "real world".

S1:  Episode 3

TFM:  At the DXCC, Mariana tries to make friends with Trina, inviting her to drinks after, but Trina's evangelism is a bit much. Raphael arrives at the bar with Alex who he unexpectedly (to Mariana) picked up. We see a flashback through their story of a major battle in Afghanistan where they fought alongside Cory, and under the field command of Wayne, and where many died with the blame set on a female soldier who also died there. This is a key reason used for the resentment of women replacing the men as DXOs. Mariana is upset when Alex agrees. When Alex embarrasses himself getting too drunk, Mariana takes him home. The next day Mariana is summoned back to the DXCC for an urgent battle. During the battle ISIS hears her DX2 in an unsecured conversation and begins tracking it.

VRM:  In the dark of a Syrian night (mid-afternoon in Florida), Mariana (back in Florida) gets a call from Alex and talks to Charlotte while still in the DX2 Control Station. She fails to notice (but the audience can tell) that her DX2 translator is on and what she says in Florida is spoken aloud in Farsi in Syria and is overheard. Later she mistakenly lets DX2 get trapped and overrun in the middle of a fight. DX Control blows up DX2 as a type of 'suicide bomber' of sorts. The VR audience sees this from within DX2, including seeing, in the split second before detonation, that the ISIS fighters surrounding DX2 don't seem real.

S1:  Episode 4

TFM:  Under critical investigation for letting the $1B DX2 get trapped, stolen and destroyed, Mariana is sidelined and may not get another DX. Cory advises she not quit, but try to fight it. Se-Woo comes on board as a new DXO, operating DX7, and the timing makes Mariana more convinced that she'll be discharged. But when Raphael is seen talking with Silent Sam, and later suggests to Laura that Mariana is not suited for the rigors of combat, Mariana fights to be fully re-instated with a new DX. Cory and Raphael argue, as Cory defends Mariana. Raphael accuses him of just wanting to sleep with her.

VRM:  Two new DXs, DX7 and DX8, arrive at the Syrian DXFOB. DX7 is assigned to Se-Woo, and she and it are put to the test against other DXs. But Raphael, in his DX4, sets the DX7 (Se-Woo) up to fail, and for a moment there is a DX skirmish in Syria...until Wayne breaks it up back in Florida.

S1:  Episode 5

TFM:  Alex has started day-trading at home, without Mariana's knowledge. In the first three days he loses $4,000 and must lie to Mariana to try to cover it up. At the DXCCMariana is assigned her replacement Battle Drone, DX8, and she keeps the colors/pattern of her old DX2. Alex's parents come for a visit, and their NSA affiliation is revealed. Backstory/flash-back, on Mariana and her revered father, an Army General who died six years prior.

VRM:  Mariana races her new DX8 against other DXs in the desert, a common thing the DXOs do to pass the time, though it is frowned upon. Now they have begun gambling on the outcome, as has soldiers at the DXFOB. As she is taking the DX8 back into its bay at the DXFOB, she thinks it might have a glitch as it seems unresponsive for a second.

S1:  Episode 6

TFM:  When Mariana's new DX8 acts against her wishes (killing a prisoner), she knows someone else is in the system too. She dares not mention it after she was already heavily criticized for the loss of DX2. Besides she is praised for it by Cory and Raphael due to the prisoner having killed a DXT. Wayne and Laura are not pleased, but willing to overlook it. Alex advises her to tell Wayne (Alex's prior commander) about the DX8 rogue behavior. But Cory advises she stay quiet. For the first time we see affection between Mariana and Cory. She takes Cory's advice over Alex's, which catches Alex's attention. Mariana discovers Alex's day-trading, but doesn't confront him.

VRM: Four of the six DXs are sent to help escort troops, and to guard ISIS prisoners including a sniper who killed one of the DXTs in Syria. But in so doing, DX8 acts against Mariana's control and executes the sniper prisoner.

S1:  Episode 7

TFM:  Raphael is sent to Syria at a new DXT to replace the killed DXT. This is upsetting to his friend Cory especially who protests, saying he needs Raphael to stay.  Ella joins as the new 6th DXO, and takes over Raphael's Battle Drone, DX4. She is at first not liked, but her butchy humor helps. She catches the attention of Se-Woo though Se-Woo claims to be straight. Cory is reprimanded for risking troopers lives to unnecessarily come to the aid of Raphael. Mariana comes to Cory's defense, and their affection for each other is clear. She shares her belief that Wayne has a spy in her DX8.

VRM:  When a helicopter goes down, several DXs are sent in, including Mariana in her new (but unpredictable to her) DX8. From within the DXs, we see Raphael there in Syria now as a new DXT. Cory's DX3 unnecessarily risks the lives of others by using his DX3 to protect Raphael.

S1:  Episode 8

TFM:  Trouble at home with the kids, and confronting Alex about his day-trading, pushes Mariana more away. After a shift, she and Cory talk in the parking lot, and kiss. They are observed from the building by Laura who calls for Wayne to take note also. Mariana sets a trap to try to find out who is also 'inside' her DX8, and it seems to lead to Trina. We learn more about Wayne's backstory as he and his wife later are out for dinner.  He is hoping to retire soon.

VRM:  Betting on racing DXs at the DXFOB gets out of hand when officers start wagering and an attempt is made to 'fix' the outcome. Trina's DX6 is known to be the fastest, but Raphael bets against it. The next morning, before they can race, the DX6 hits a land mine, but is ok. It appears Raphael removed the mine warning device in that DX6. (This leads to the first Premium Interactivity, where those with the gaming version of INNERDRONE can race DXs against anyone else with an HMD in close proximity.)

S1:  Episode 9

TFM:  Three coalition soldiers have been captured by ISIS and are expected to be burned alive. The DX Command team, including Wayne and Laura, alongside the Joint Chiefs, the NSA, etc. devise a plan. For the first time, Sam talks more than a word or two. Some argue that we should not risk the DXs, that it is a trap to take them all out.  Others argue that we must do the opposite and risk all.  Cory is sent to the DXFOB to work with Raphael on the plan. He is concerned that this will lead to him being permanently stationed there as a DXT. With Cory leaving, Mariana avoids him, not wanting to make things harder for either of them.

VRM:  When Cory uses the field command unit (where DXT's can 'enter' any DX temporarily for repairs, testing, etc.) we see him add a flame thrower to Sam's DX5 and test it, telling Raphael who is helping him that it is time we give payback on ISIS. From within the DX5, we can tell Sam is creepily pleased with the new weapon.

S1:  Episode 10

TFM:  There is discussion at the DXCC of a new upgraded Battle Drone DX model that is ready for testing. All are reminded that it is top secret. But when Alex and Mariana go on a date to try to patch things up between them, Mariana mentions to Alex that the new drone is soon to be announced. After a less than exciting dinner, Mariana claims to get a summons to the DXCC, but instead meets Cory at a hotel and they sleep together for the first time. Trina is seen parked outside the hotel, observing. At the same time, at their home, Alex suspects Mariana. After a few drinks he gets on the Internet and buys stock in the DX manufacturer.

VRM:  The DXs and ground troops enter a ferocious firefight and rescue the captured soldiers just as they are about to be burned.  The DXs are not damaged much from the fire, but must be repaired nevertheless. In the fight, Sam in his DX5 burns several ISIS alive.

S1:  Episode 11

TFM:  New Battle Drone model goes public, and is introduced to the DXO team. They take it out to a field range for testing in a field DXO unit. Alex makes an $180,000 profit when the stock price of the manufacturer surges. (But the NSA is tracking this transaction.) For the first time all season, Alex seems truly happy.  He buys a new car, and that leads to Mariana figuring out the stock trade, and they fight. He tells her to go be with Cory, and she leaves. Alex finds Cory and attacks him, but Cory fights him off. Trina brings a complaint against Mariana for adultery, which is against military code.

VRM:  When Mariana's DX8 and Cory's DX3 playfully 'hook up' in Syria, Trina sees and listens through her DX6, and records the interaction. (This episode leads to the second Premium Interaction, where audience members with the gaming version of INNERDRONE can field-test the new DXs themselves.)

S1:  Episode 12

TFM:  A formal investigation of Mariana begins on the grounds of insider trading, and more seriously, the revelation of state secrets. She and Alex separate, and her mother moves to town to help with the children. Se-Woo and Ella start a relationship. Cory distances himself from Mariana, and she is alone. A battle breaks out in Syria and Mariana and the the other DXOs go to work.

VRM:  Ferocious firefight, where ground troops and DXTs (including Raphael) are pinned down, and the DXs are nearly ambushed, but escape. But as the battle is nearly over, suddenly DX2 appears and kills Raphael. It is thus revealed that ISIS faked the detonation of DX2 in Episode 3, and now has it in their control.

Season Two (S2)  

"When Drones Come Home"

S2: TFM (Traditional Framed Media) Narrative Plot

As ISIS now has Battle Drone DX2 under their control, an investigation is underway on how they faked the self-detonation, and how to now destroy it.

The SEC and FBI investigations of Mariana and Alex heat up. Both appear to be headed toward indictment when Mariana discovers the plot by Wayne to use the DX8 to implicate Mariana and thus to try to reverse the women-for-men action. Mariana finds an unexpected ally in Laura. When threatened to be exposed in the murder of the ISIS prisoner in S1, Ep 6, Wayne pulls strings with the FBI to get the charges dropped against Mariana.  But the SEC nevertheless indicts Alex on insider trading. He is furious that Mariana didn't seem to do more to try to help him. Alex files for divorce just before he goes to jail for 18 months.

When a new enemy group in Yemen grows in strength and obtain sarin gas, Cory is sent in as a DXT, and Marina and Ella's DXs are secreted into the country. They are successful in their operation, but Cory returns home with sarin gas poisoning and may not live.

Late in Season 2, there is an indication that a nuclear device has come through the port in Houston. Before it can be located, it is lost. When it appears the cargo container came from Iran, the Iranians offer their help. The President authorizes, for the first time, the domestic use of the battle drones, and two of the first generation DXs (from Season 1) are activated in out of a secret facility in Dallas.


Season Three (S3)

"Red Drone Rising"

S3: TFM (Traditional Framed Media) Narrative Plot

When Alex is early-released from jail, his and Mariana's new post-divorce life begins. He begins dating some sleazy women, leading to Mariana to need to intervene and take full custody of the kids. But she still loves Alex, and their co-dependent relationship continues.

The DXCC is moved from Tampa, FL to Falls Church, VA, near Langley and everyone is transferred. This means that Alex's parents are more involved with their grandchildren, Charlotte and Liam, and involving themselves in the lives of Mariana and Alex.

Cory recovers from the sarin gas poisoning, but leaves the military, and the relationship with Mariana is over. 

With the help of the domestic DX drones, operated by Mariana and Ella, the nuclear device in Dallas is located and destroyed.

Now the program is fully exposed, and the NYPD and LAPD want to add such drones to their forces. Wayne leaves to run the domestic program and Sam transfers to help with the integration, though all others feel that it is a very bad idea.

Laura takes command of the DXCC, and a new second in command enters the story, and he and Mariana begin a relationship.

Throughout the season, ISIS is destroyed and the battle in Syria winds down (depending on actual events).

When China introduces its own battle drones, using plans stolen from the domestic use of DXs, the DX team goes in to destroy them. But they are double-crossed and two of the new DXs are stolen and must be destroyed. The whole program is shut down and the DXs are brought home.  Aerial drones are brought in to destroy the stolen DXs.