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Production Design

The concept for the experimental, four-way VR production arose out of perfectionism and necessity.  We were already heavily engaged in Blue Highway in 2014, having developed it for both stage and screen the year prior. It was a logical choice for our first VR film, but the 360 degree spherical cameras available at the time simply couldn't produce sufficient quality images. Thus writer/director David Marlett and a group of game design/tech engineers asked the question, Ok, what can we do?

From that limitation came opportunity as we devised a means for shooting four scenes, each about 80˙ wide, then laying them into a fully-white environment, with sufficient room (in this case about 10˚) between each of the four scenes.  The question then became one of camera, stage and, oh yeah, a cool story.  From that MansLaughter was conceived and made, and soon will be available for all to watch.

  Three of the four simultaneously running scenes.

Three of the four simultaneously running scenes.

Early Stage Designs and Renderings