Overview of Story, Technology and Potential Partnerships

In 1850, on the eastern front ranges of the Rocky Mountains, Arapaho Chief Two Mountains lifts prayers to the Sky Spirit for both the day's coming hunt, and to recover his wife, two outcomes that cannot both happen. As his people are starving, his small hunting party must find the buffalo trail.  And yet his wife, Singing Wind, was taken by a Pawnee raiding party over two moons prior and remains lost. Every ride out, every hunt, is a chance for him to search new ground, to seek any sign of her. Today he feels she is near.

In this first-of-its-kind, virtual reality feature film, you will be immersed on the front range, and out on the prairie, with the Arapaho people, as well as a contrasting nomadic reality on the Mongolian Steppe. In a powerfully unique story interweaves the story of a young Chinese man who has been taken in by the tribe. He is considered powerful as he is not only a good horseman, but has a trained golden eagle which he has named Tengri.

Come soar over, in, and around this proud tribe in this tense adventure. You decide which of the two alternate realities will happen: the hunting path, where they won't find Singing Wind, but do find the buffalo trail; and the war path, where they attempt to rescue Singing Wind but miss the buffalo.  Each holds dire consequences for them all.

Filmed in stunning HD4K - 360˚ spherical, this live-action feature film will take you where no other has been (yet): back 165 years, out on the prairie among this proud Native American tribe, and around the world to the other nomadic horsemen, the people of the Mongolian Steppe.

  • Live-Action.  Immersive.  Plot-Interactive.  Original.
  • In Pre-Production
  • Script available upon request.
  • Anticipated Release:  Early 2017
  • © Cinemersia, LLC - WGA No. 1783393

Details - Deck Set

Click here to see the TENGRI Deck Set which provides the current status, budget, plans, tech, etc. for this VR film.