VR Weddings

The Art of Immersive Cinema

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Go way beyond pictures and videos...

Now you can "be there" for all the years to come.

We will capture your wedding in full 360˚, immersive, 4K high resolution digital video. No matter how technology changes, you will always be able to travel back, to be immersed in the middle of your wedding. Have 'being there' preserved for generations to come.

 Click to read Fast Company article featuring CINEMERSIA as a "Most Innovative Company".

Click to read Fast Company article featuring CINEMERSIA as a "Most Innovative Company".

Future Generations will "Be" at Your Wedding

Capture and keep for life the full 360˚ immersive experience of what it was to be at your wedding. This addition to the filming will allow your children, grand-children, and those beyond to effectively 'be' at your wedding, able to look around, see the people, the reactions, and feel the love of the day.

Discrete Cameras, Full Immersive Capture

We will install discrete 360˚ immersive, 4K high resolution digital video cameras for VR capture of the wedding ceremony and the reception (or other event as per your wishes.) We will use both stationary VR cameras as well as drone-mounted for some applications such as outdoor weddings. As technology advances, and the VR head gear get more and more sophisticated, the resolution and quality of the playback of your wedding will only improve.

Working with Wedding Planners and Photographers Worldwide

We primarily provide our services through wedding planners or wedding photographers. Ask yours today.



Contact us today (or have your wedding planner or photographer contact us) and let's discuss the possibilities.

Don't miss this one opportunity to capture 'being there' for generations to come!

SERVICE FEES    Our base fee is $500 for two long scenes (such as the wedding ceremony and the reception) where placement of the camera doesn't require complex rigging. Additional scenes, complex rigging, drone suspension, etc. will be priced separately.

TRAVEL   In addition to our service fee, one person's travel is yours to cover (from Denver) except for the following areas: Greater Los Angeles, Colorado, or Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex.

The Evolving Tech

Everyone should capture their wedding while they can, with the highest resolution commercial VR camera reasonably available at the time of their wedding, and then, as viewers get better and better over the years, the playback experience (the ‘being there’) will only get more clear and improved.  Regarding resolution, we're limited by the technology available at the time of the wedding. Current 360 spherical cameras don’t shoot 4K in all directions, but they are getting better quickly. In addition the headgear (such as Oculus Rift, GearVR, etc.) is also rapidly improving.